How to Create a Virtual Tour: Matterport & Insta360

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This guide will walk you through how to create a virtual tour. It will include setting up and pairing your Insta360 ONE X with the Matterport Capture app. It’ll also run you through the steps to shoot and share. Insta360 ONE X makes the shoot simple, while Matterport does the rest.

How to Create a Virtual Tour: Matterport & Insta360

How To Create a Virtual Tour: Gear Needed

What you’ll need:

How to Create a Virtual Tour Step 1: The Set-Up

  • Make sure the firmware on your Insta360 ONE X is up to date. Version 1.18.16 or higher works with Matterport. You can find the latest firmware on the here or update via the Insta360 ONE X app.
  • Download the Matterport Capture App from the App Store. You can find it by searching for “Matterport Capture” or by clicking this link on your iPhone or iPad, then sign up here and log in to the Matterport Cloud.
  • In the Matterport Capture app, download the 3D Conversion feature using the toggle. You can find it in the app menu under “Storage and Firmware”.
  • Next, mount your Insta360 ONE X on a tripod, turn it on, and wait for the WiFi indicator light to begin flashing.
  • On your iPhone or iPad, connect to your camera’s WiFi network. If this is the first time connection to the ONE X with your iPhone or iPad, you will need to enter the camera’s password. This can be found by navigating to the Settings>WiFi panel on the camera.
  • Return to the Matterport Capture app and tap the (+) or the “Create New Job” button. Name your scan and allow location sharing when prompted.

You’re all set! When you’re ready, select “Capture 3D Scan” to begin. Don’t forget to clean, organize and arrange your space before scanning.

Step 2: The Shoot

Set up your camera in the centre of the room on a tripod, then get out of the shot (perhaps behind a wall or in the next room). ONE X has Wi-Fi preview and control so that you can shoot from afar, without spoiling your virtual tour.

Shoot with the ONE X directly from the Matterport Capture app. The ONE X will auto-adjust so your shots come out clean.

Step 3: Edit & Share

Once you’re finished shooting, upload your shots to your Matterport Cloud account where a 3D model is generated. Once created, Matterport’s cloud-based Workshop 3.0 application lets you edit, customize, and refine the 3D experience.

After you’ve polished your tour, you can share a link with anyone to view it anywhere, at any time. This is ideal for listing properties or sharing on social media.

After following these steps, you’ll know how to create a virtual tour with Matterport and an Insta360 ONE X. This, however, is just the start of the rabbit hole, check out our blog for regular updates, and here are a few tips from a virtual tour pro to get you started.

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