Best Travel Camera: Creative, Compact, Tough and Waterproof!

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You’re off on the vacation of a lifetime! Beach, bar, city or spa— these are the days you want to remember forever. To capture all the special moments, you need something durable and reliable that can do your experiences justice. And it just so happens we have a couple of perfect options. Here’s our guide to the best travel camera!

What makes a good camera for travel?

Buying a new camera can be daunting because of the number of options. Even in the class of “travel cameras”, there are literally thousands to choose from.

So, here are a few more things to consider when choosing the best travel camera:

  • Portability: NO to clunky and heavy, YES to lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Creativity vs. simplicity: Do you want a thousand amazing creative options, or a hassle-free point and shoot? 
  • Image quality: High resolution, great stabilization and superior low-light performance to reduce the chances of that perfect shot being blurry.
  • Durability: Especially when traveling, your camera needs to be able to endure the elements. 
  • Versatility: Reducing the number of cameras and accessories you need to carry around to make travel more enjoyable. 

Best pocket camera for creative travel videos

For those of us whose sole purpose of going on vacation is taking epic shots of absolutely everything, Insta360 X3 is the ideal pocket camera for travel. It isn’t a regular camera. It’s a 360 action cam. 

Insta360 X3

Forget “point-and-shoot”, discover the freedom of “shoot first, point later”. X3 captures images from every angle, so you can relax in the knowledge you’ll never miss that perfect shot again! Just shoot now, then reframe around your subject and favorite angles later.

Bungee jumping over the Nile, kayaking down the Amazon or flying through the Grand Canyon, you shouldn’t be glued to a viewfinder. When you “shoot first, point later”, you’re free to live in the moment. And when you finally have a moment of calm, either upload as a traditional flat video or in mind-blowing 360. That’s why 360-degree cameras are so great for travel photography.

X3 really comes into its own once you let your creative juices flow. With the help of Shot Lab AI editing, you can create breathtaking cinematic effects with the tap of a button. Effects to choose from include the super popular “Sky Swap” (see below), stop motion, timelapses, clone effects, flying effects and many, many more. X3 also utilizes Insta360’s signature FlowState stabilization, so your footage will appear even more blockbuster-like.

If you prefer travel vlogs or documentaries to big-screen movies, why not be the star of your own? Use X3 with the Invisible Selfie Stick to create the impression of being filmed by someone else. It’s like having your own personal camera crew in your pocket!

Despite its creative focus, X3 is still an action camera after all. Waterproof to 10 meters, its durable body is designed to withstand whatever adventures you put yourself, and it, through. It also acts as a regular POV action cam for when you’re too busy to reframe your shots. Just use X3’s simple 4K single lens mode for easy point-and-shoot photos and videos that you can share instantly to social media. 

As for price point, you can pick up this travel camera for just US$449.99!

No drone? No problem.

One of the standout features of X3 is the ability to make the selfie stick completely invisible. That means you get access to stunning, FPV-style shots effortlessly. Put your thinking caps on now… imagine you’re in a place that would look incredible with some epic, drone shots. But maybe drones are restricted, or you don’t have one… enter the X3!

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The #NoDroneNoProblem weekly $500 competition is live on social media, too! If you’re feeling creative and want to put your skills to work! Get a 360-capable camera, an Invisible Selfie Stick, and get shooting! Share on your social media using #Insta360 and #NoDroneNoProblem, follow us, and you could be a lucky winner every week! You can read up on all the details right here.

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Best versatile travel camera

After something a little more versatile?

With its innovative interchangeable lens design, Insta360 ONE RS gives you the power of flexibility. Instead of carrying a bunch of cameras or limiting yourself with one, you can do it all with just the switch of a lens.

ONE RS with the 4K Boost Lens and 360 Lens

The 4K Boost Lens lets you shoot classic action cam footage in awesome 4K 60fps resolution, while taking incredibly detailed 48MP photos. 6K Widescreen Mode is perfect for recording Hollywood-worthy videos while Active HDR keeps highlights and shadows in all the right places for true-to-life results.

The 5.7K 360 Lens is ideal for capturing the action in awesome 5.7K 360. Just like with X3, you have the freedom to live in the moment as you shoot first and choose your favorite angles after in post. FlowState Stabilization and 360 Horizon Lock keep your shots steady, while for epic third-person views you can use it with the Invisible Selfie Stick. The ONE RS Twin Edition, which includes the 4K Boost Lens and the 5.7K 360 Lens, is rugged and waterproof to 16ft (5m).

Along with the powerful Battery Base, the final component that makes up Insta360 ONE RS is the ONE RS Core, with 2.7x Instant Zoom, improved audio and up to 50% faster WiFi transfers. Along with the other modules, it makes ONE RS truly the most versatile travel camera on the market.

Check out more of ONE RS’ killer features here.

And the price? The RS Twin Edition reatils for US$549.99, including the 360 Lens and 4K Boost Lens. Considering you get two cameras in one, this is a fantastic price!

So which camera is best?

Choosing the best travel camera all comes down to your individual needs. Think about what aspects are most important to you when traveling.

If simplicity is key, X3 may be the best option with its all-in-one design. If you want maximum versatility, then perhaps ONE RS is the one for you. Either way, creativity, quality and durability are all a given!

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