Mastering the Art of Fake Drone Shots—Because #NoDroneNoProblem

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Drone shots are plain awesome. What’s not to love about soaring aerial third person views? Plus flying one makes you feel pretty badass! Sadly we can’t all be expert drone pilots, but fortunately we have a solution. Now ANYONE can capture epic aerial videos, totally hassle-free and without a drone—that’s right, we say #NoDroneNoProblem!

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We want to see YOUR fake drone shots. Share your adventures with the hashtag #NoDroneNoProblem on TikTok, Instagram (main or reels), in the Insta360 app forum or any other social media. If your shots catch our eye, we could share them on our social channels, giving you exposure to our global community, including over 1 million Instagram followers! 

Fake it ‘til you make it with fake drone shots

Running low on Instagram or TikTok video ideas? Want to level up your travel vlogs? Fake drone shots are a surefire way to get great interaction with people asking “how on earth did they film that?!” 

The best news is fake drone shots are also super easy to capture with an Insta360 camera—be it X3, ONE RS with the 360 Lens, or another, it just needs to be capable of shooting 360-degrees. Just mount the camera on the Invisible Selfie Stick and you’re ready to go. Once you’ve finished shooting, upload your shots to the Insta360 app, and the Invisible Selfie Stick will magically disappear. You’ll be left with mind-blowing unobstructed views.

PRO TIP: Make sure your camera is lined up parallel with your selfie stick, otherwise it won’t be rendered invisible in the final shot. 

Diagram showing how to mount your Insta360 camera on the Invisible Selfie Stick

Incredible third-person views 

Live life on the edge in amazing detail. Since you don’t have to worry about crashing your expensive drone into the side of a bridge, you’re free to live in the moment.

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Take your shots to new heights (literally) wherever you go. Whether you’re scaling rock faces or doing something a little less adventurous, extending your selfie stick to full length and hitting record guarantees an epic perspective. 

@insta360_official Strange things happen when you’re going round the twist 🌀 @enronquecido shot w/ #insta360onex2 #insta360 #srilanka #fyp #travel #architecture #filmtok #viral #videomaker #sunrise #landscape ♬ original sound – insta360_official

To get the most aerial views possible, shoot with the Extended Edition Selfie Stick. With a reach of up to 3m (9.8ft), it’s the perfect accessory to really help your content take off!

Fake drone shots are better than no drone shots…

The last thing you want to do is upset the locals, or end up in trouble with the cops! There are some places where you just aren’t allowed to fly. What to do if you find out drones are banned in that perfect location? You guessed it, #NoDroneNoProblem. 

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Some shots would be too tricky even for the world’s most talented drone pilots. Get up close and personal with zero risk of decapitating your friends…

@insta360_official 10ft selfie stick + #insta360onex2 = 💯👏 @Joel Eggimann getting creative with his #vanlife #camping #fyp #travel #nodronenoproblem ♬ original sound – insta360_official

Share your #NoDroneNoProblem shots

Head to TikTok, Instagram (main or reels) or the Insta360 app and spread the word that you don’t need a drone to shoot spectacular third person view shots. Post your footage with the hashtag #NoDroneNoProblem and if your shots grab our attention, we could share your content with the world!

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  1. Elisa 2022/08/23 at 6:08 pm

    wow! Does the content have to be published in the feed or can you also participate with a video of a story?

  2. Ryan Smith 2022/08/30 at 9:09 pm

    I’m curious if you have any attachments to mount directly to the handle bars of a motorcycle and what the video looks like. I’d love to try one out on my Harley Davidson, but I’d rather not have a camera way out there on a stick while riding.


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