Insta360’s New Bike Mount Enables Incredible Third-Person Cycling Shots

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Insta360 launched today the Third-Person Bike Handlebar Mount, a brand-new accessory that enables road cyclists to easily capture stunning, hands-free shots with their 360 cameras.

Using Insta360’s legendary ‘invisible selfie stick’ effect, the carbon fiber pole included with this mount disappears in 360 footage. This allows cyclists to capture amazing third-person shots of themselves biking that would be otherwise impossible to achieve on their own.

Not only that, but as 360 cameras like Insta360 ONE X2 capture the entire 360° environment, this mount can be used to get footage of the surroundings, or follow shots of other cyclists in a riding group.

The Third-Person Bike Handlebar Mount is available to order now via The ONE X2 Cycling Kit is also available to order, which includes ONE X2, Third-Person Bike Handlebar Mount, 64GB MicroSD Card and Lens Cap.

Perfect functionality

The base of the Third-Person Bike Handlebar Mount is mounted on the handlebars with an ultra-secure locking mechanism and is designed to ensure zero interference with bike maneuverability.

For maximum utility, the base comes with two connection points for other bike accessories, such as cycling computers or bike lights. In addition, the lightweight carbon-fiber pole is removable, so the mount can be left on the bike at all times.

Invisible extension pole

Key to the third-person shots riders can achieve with the Third-Person Bike Handlebar Mount is the invisible selfie stick effect. The two lenses on Insta360 ONE X2 each capture a 200° view, then Insta360’s proprietary algorithm stitches the images together, using the overlap between the two to hide the extension pole. This is all done automatically so when viewing the shots in the Insta360 app, it’s just the rider and the world around!

Choose the angle after the ride

The other major element that makes the Third-Person Bike Handlebar Mount so effective with 360 cameras is reframing. When viewing 360 footage in the Insta360 app, the rider can “move the camera” to choose any angle they like, then export this view as a regular, flat video. They can also include multiple angles within one video, or create multiple different edits from the same original file! The possibilities for creating unbelievable cycling videos really are limitless.

Available Now

The Third-Person Bike Handlebar Mount is available to purchase worldwide via and retails for US$39.99. The ONE X2 Cycling Kit retails for US$485.99.

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  1. Michael Engledow 2023/06/30 at 11:57 pm

    Hi there
    My 360×3 is with you at the moment when i damaged the camera the carbon cycling stick also broke.
    I was wondering can you buy just the stick without the bracket.

    Cheers Mick


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