Insta360 Update 06: A Pro Update, Insight from Philip Bloom and BRAAAIIINNNSS

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Every week, the Insta360 Update brings you an inside look into our journey to bring the world simple, versatile 360 cameras.

October flew by, but we still managed to squeeze in some quality time with a horde of staggering zombies and an Insta360 ONE. We also had the pleasure this week of hearing the veteran filmmaker Philip Bloom’s thoughts on the Insta360 Pro. Plus, the Insta360 Pro got another firmware update.

Halloween Screamed By

Happy Halloween from Chimelong Paradise! Turns out zombies have a knack for bullet time.

Philip Bloom Reviews the Insta360 Pro

The talented filmmaker Philip Bloom — an alum of CNN, BBC, Lucasfilm and others — did a video review of the Insta360 Pro this week. Bloom published a blog post on his website outlining his thoughts on the camera. We recently got the opportunity to interview Bloom about his journey as a filmmaker, and his newfound interest in 360 video. Stay tuned for the interview next week.

Insta360 Pro Firmware Version 165

(Photo courtesy of Override Films and Male Cancer Awareness Campaign)

The Insta360 Pro got a firmware update that gives a major upgrade to overall image quality, solves several frame-drop issues and upgrades manual white-balance control. As usual, we also made routine bug fixes and improvements with the help of feedback from the user community.

From the Community

Let’s not neglect the intrepid Insta360 Nano! The Travel Manuel went on a hike up Rochers de Naye and shared with us this beautiful view.

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