Dan Smyth Shows Us The Royal Albert Hall’s Best View in 360

1-MChv8rBOAUXUXLh-41TvgQ-minPhoto by Jordan Curtis Hughes

360 video still blows our minds.

Here at Insta360, we think about 360 cameras all day. And yet, whenever we pause for a few moments, we’re still amazed that it has become so easy to grab whole slices of time — whole chunks of lived experience — and plop them down in someone else’s head.

It’s a powerful type of sharing, and making it easy and accessible to more people is part of what motivates us.

That’s why we were so encouraged to see Dan Smyth’s recent Medium post about his experience with the Insta360 Air.

Dan works as the Digital Communications Manager for the Teenage Cancer Trust, an organization that supports teens fighting cancer.

He explains in his post that after being interested in 360 cameras for a while, he decided to jump in to 360 creation with the Insta360 Air.

Insta360 Air-blackTeenage Cancer Trust digital communications manager, Dan Smyth, got started creating 360 videos with an Insta360 Air. 

He brought the camera out for a spin at the Teenage Cancer Trust’s largest annual fundraising event — a concert series at London’s famous Royal Albert Hall.

Dan and the 360 video he captured tell the rest of the story better than we could. Head to his Medium post to check it out.

It’s users like Dan and the moments they capture that keep us excited about making 360 cameras every day. Cheers Dan and cheers to the first-time 360 videographer who got it all!


  1. Bablofil 2017/04/11 at 6:09 pm

    Thanks, great article.

  2. Neveah 2017/04/22 at 3:15 pm

    Appunto sono piu' di venti anni che apettate una soluzione e lei si presenta ora A.D. 2012 per montare questa strumentale polemica ?? Ha mai posto queste tanto care rivendicazioni alla (eedneitemvnte) sua amica Catiuscia ?? Visto che nessuna Giunta in precedenza ha fatto partire quest'opera (servira' poi, io credo proprio di no) ha mai rimarcato tale situazione come sta' facendo invece ora ??Filippo Linotti


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