Insta360 GO: 5 Creative Shots to Make Your Content Pop

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Insta360 GO is the world’s smallest stabilized camera. That opens up a world of possibilities for creators to make content that turns heads. In this blog, we’re going to give you a rundown of some those shots that you can try using only the in-the-box accessories.

Insta360 GO

Shot 1: The Book Spin

Karen X came up with this shot by using the Pivot Stand. She tagged GO to the bottom of a book and gave it a spin. The result really shows how size matters when it comes to getting unique angles with GO.

Shot 2: Daily Life

Everyday situations like cooking, walking or a stroll in the park can be shot with ease when wearing Insta360 GO. No bulky mounts needed. Just pop on the Magnet Pendant, Easy Clip or the Pivot Stand and you’re good to go. In this video, you’ll see a bunch of daily life shots from Valentine’s Day, taking full advantage of the accessories.

Notice how you can use size to your advantage in these shots. The shots starting at 0:04 seconds would be impossible with a larger camera.

Shot 3: The Mirror Shot

This shot by Karen X highlights just how stable Insta360 GO makes your shots. No gimbal needed. All you’ll need for this one is your reflection, and some stunning scenery.

GO has automatic horizon levelling, that means you can turn GO left or right, move it up or down and the horizon will always stay straight.

Shot 4: The Hyperlapse Orbital

In this video, you’ll see GO being used at a music festival with the Magnet Pendant to get some epic POV shots. However, take note at 0:17 seconds in where the creator orbits a landmark.

This kind of shot used to take bulky gear, and a pro videographer. With GO you just need to double tap to start shooting a hyperlapse, then slowly walk around a landmark. FlowState Stabilization keeps your footage smooth.

Shot 5: Sports POV

Another great use for GO is sports. Especially those that require a more hands-on approach. Here’s a few ways you can use the Magnet Pendant and Pivot Stand to get some unique basketball angles.

Tying it all together

All of these shots can be done with the In-the-box accessories. No need to break the bank buying a bunch of bulky gear, chest mounts or a toolbox to tweak them.

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