Insta360 Air Update Gives Broadcasters Complete Control, Adds Support for Live ‘Little Planets’

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In our thinking, 360-degree cameras are revolutionary on two different levels.

On one level, they give unprecedented freedom to a viewer — the freedom to explore every facet of a scene and absorb its whole, rich context.

The second breakthrough is the freedom they give to creators. By seamlessly capturing every angle of a scene in one integrated device, 360 cameras both ensure that you will never miss an important detail and also enable you to put together shots that were previously only possible with multi-camera rigs.

The latest update to the Insta360 Air app is about that second level of freedom.

The Insta360 Air allows you to broadcast life from any angle.

After downloading version 1.7.0 of the app, you will see an option on the far right of the camera interface for “Animation Live”, allowing you to easily control what viewers see during live broadcasts.

That means that whether you want an audience to focus on a particular “pocket” of a 360-degree scene that will appear to them in a standard rectangular format, or whether you want to give them the whole scene at once using a stereographic projection (a.k.a. “little planets” and inverted “little planets”), all you have to do is adjust the view on your preview screen using the same swiping and pinching gestures that Insta360 users have always used to review their 360 content. Whatever you see, they see.

Also, if you’re trying to do your best Kendrick Lamar impression — live and for a global audience — this is the feature for you.

Now, when you go live using either the Insta360 Air or Insta360 Nano, it’s up to you whether you want to let your viewers explore a scene freely or whether you want to guide them through it, changing the perspective dynamically as you go.

The entire moment is there. All you have to do is choose what to share.

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  2. Silvia Gerber 2017/07/21 at 8:50 pm

    I have been using Insta 360 Nano to broadcast live on Periscope and Facebook, New York Hoje. I have a very positive feedback. however, can the viewers do the screen pinch to see the “little planet” mode on their screens? Thank you. Silvia Gerber, NYC –

    1. Insta360 2017/07/26 at 1:52 am

      Hi Silvia, glad to hear it! There are two ways for viewers to see your live-stream.

      The standard one is to let them explore the 360 broadcast on their own — looking wherever they swipe. In this mode, they won’t be able to see “little planet” mode.

      The new mode we introduced with the update discussed above means that the broadcaster can control what the viewers see. You can switch back and forth between seeing a specific part of a scene and the scene as a whole, represented as a “little planet” etc. So if you pinch to see a “little planet”, then they will too!


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