How to Make Cooking Videos Like Tasty With a Wearable Camera

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Tasty, Buzzfeed’s cooking video sensation, has infiltrated Facebook feeds around the world with their easy-to-follow cooking videos. 

Tasty’s videos are actually quite simple and don’t employ too many fancy editing tricks. So, what’s the secret to their success? They film their videos from the cook’s point of view. The viewer can see exactly how the cook chops the vegetables, pours flour or stirs a pot of soup. It’s easy to follow along and imagine you could do the recipe yourself. 

Tasty films in a test kitchen in Los Angeles with professional camera equipment and a crew. But you don’t have to work at Buzzfeed to learn how to make cooking videos like Tasty right from home. A wearable camera like Insta360 GO provides an easy solution for getting POV shots while you cook. 

how to make cooking videos

How to make cooking videos with Insta360 GO

Often, the hardest thing about learning how to make cooking videos is figuring out how to keep up with the recipe while filming at the same time. Miss a step or make a mistake and you might have to start over from the beginning with new ingredients.

With a wearable and mountable camera like Insta360 GO, you can keep your hands free while you cook and still get the shot. 

Watch this video below of a cooking class in Thailand shot on Insta360 GO to see how it works. 

You can see how she puts the camera around her neck with the Magnet Pendant and just taps to record a POV shot, like at 2:14. Or you can mount the camera to your cooking utensils, to the wall or overhead with the included Pivot Stand. See how the camera is mounted on the sauce bottle at 2:32 as she pours out a spoonful of sauce for the recipe.

Tasty films mostly from overhead, but shooting multiple angles can keep your video interesting and your audience engaged. 

Timelapses are another great trick for speeding up the process of cooking and keeping your cooking videos short without getting too mundane. In the timelapse at 4:28, you can see how the super wide angle captures the entire prep table, ingredients and stovetop. 

The final step to learning how to make cooking videos is editing your clips. When you’re done filming, you can plug the camera directly into your phone with the Charge Case and import the footage into the Insta360 GO app. Edit, add music or text (another secret to Tasty’s success) in the app and share immediately to social media. 

Of course, the real trick to learning how make cooking videos like Tasty is just practice. Get cooking!

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