How To Increase Productivity with Training in VR – Insta360 & VIAR360

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Effective training is a surefire way to reduce error and increase productivity, and with VR, training is cheaper, faster and more effective. For the first time, companies such as Ford are giving hands-on experience through VR, in healthcare, nurses are practising birthing without needing dummies and roleplay. Aerospace engineers no longer need costly prototypes for training as it is all simulated. Put simply, it’s no less than a training revolution.

We’ve teamed up with VIAR360 to provide a training solution that’s simple for anyone to create. Insta360 ONE X shoots your training environment in a snap, while VIAR360’s online platform allows you to customize 360 videos to create an immersive training environment, right from your desktop, viewable anywhere.

Take this below example from VIAR360 of welding training shot using Insta360 ONE X. It allows trainees to see through the eyes of a welder while prompting them with relevant questions to walk them through the experience.

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Training results are far better with platforms like VIAR360, they provide an excellent on-the-spot viewing experience without any teaching facilities, saving time, and travel. With an Insta360 ONE X and VIAR360, anyone can make their own VR training experience.

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From VIAR360:

"Viar360 is an online 360 VR platform which is helping companies introduce immersive training and learning in their workplace. It is the most intuitive authoring & publishing platform for interactive virtual reality based on 360 videos and photos."

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