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VR is being used across a wide array of industries in all-new innovative ways. Be it for training nurses, or documenting disasters, the best gear gives the best results. One such case of VR being used in an innovative way is in the case of the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) recruitment app.

The LAPD worked closely with San Diego based Galago Vision, a video agency specialized in VR, to create a VR app. The app, available to anyone via Google Play, aims to put you in the shoes of an LAPD officer, with the objective of stimulating recruitment. Check it out:

This virtual tour app was shot using Insta360 Pro and created using InstaVR, a platform that helps users create virtual tours and conveniently package them in an app. Here’s the behind the scenes:

Developing VR apps used to be difficult and require programming experience, InstaVR solves this by doing the leg work for you, no experience required. If you use an Insta360 camera to shoot your tour, be that the accessible ONE X or professional grade Insta360 Pro 2, your workflow will be as streamlined as it gets.

This LAPD case study is just the beginning of virtual tours being used outside of traditional methods. Let us know, how could you use InstaVR for your business?

About InstaVR

Based in San Francisco, InstaVR is a virtual reality focused technology company, providing tools and services to enable professionals to author and publish interactive VR experiences. InstaVR is completely web-based and requires no specialized engineering knowledge

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