Google Selects Insta360 Pro as ‘Street View Ready’

Farmers_Market_.width-1000The Insta360 Pro is recognized by Google for making high-quality Street View contributions easy. 

Google announced this week the creation of a new ‘Street View ready’ program, to certify cameras that allow users to easily capture and upload 360 photos to Street View — Google’s global patchwork of panoramic photos.

The Insta360 Pro will be one of the first wave of certified cameras. As a certified “auto ready” camera, the Insta360 Pro is recognized for having the specs necessary to capture high-quality images from a moving vehicle.

blogimageoneThe Insta360 Pro’s certification category is “auto ready”, meaning it’s an ideal device for capturing Street View shots from a vehicle. 

As Google explains on their blog:

“Whether you’re sharing your experience at a local market or on your recent vacation, publishing high-quality, interactive imagery no longer requires significant time and effort—all you have to do is get one of the cameras, download the Street View app and start creating. You can walk, run, bike, drive—even ride a horse—while we do the heavy lifting of connecting each frame of your video into a traditional, interactive Street View experience.”

Insta360 is proud to join in Google’s efforts to empower people to capture and share their own perspectives of the world.

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