Best Motorcycle Camera: Insta360 ONE R Takes the Lead

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We mounted Insta360 ONE Series on a Yamaha R6 for a track day. While trying out a bunch of motorcycle mounts we wanted to answer the question – are Insta360 ONE Series the top choices for best motorcycle camera? Check out the below shots with Team Insta360 rider Roby Barazzutti to find out why ONE R is the go-to camera for your next ride.

Best Motorcycle Camera

Best Motorcycle Camera: Why Insta360 ONE R takes the lead

Insta360 ONE R Motorcycle Camera
Insta360 ONE R

Shot 1: The Front Shot

Insta360 ONE R is just as mountable as any other action camera. The difference? They remove extension rods or poles from the shot. The result is shots like this:

Best 360 Camera For Motorbikes

All you need to do is mount your camera to the front of your bike using the extension rods and mount pads in the motorcycle mount bundle. Insta360 ONE R’s onboard stabilization smooths out the shakes in your shot.

Shot 2: The Tail Shot

Using the same gear as the front shot, you can get this MotoGP style shot by keeping the horizon level while you take a turn. You can even double-up and mount two extension rods to get an even cooler shot.

Cam For Motorcycling

Here’s how it’s done, you can see the ONE X mounted on the tail here, the same can be done with ONE R.

Best 360 camera for motorbikes

Shot 3: The Handlebar Shot

Insta360 ONE R versatility makes them the best camera choice for motorcycles. Not only can you mount them with unique angles, but you can also take unique twists on popular mount points for action cams. This one was done by mounting the ONE X directly to the handlebar of the bike.

Best 360 Camera For Motorcycling

Here’s how we mounted a ONE X. Just reframe in the app afterwards to choose your angle.

Best 360 camera for motorcycling

Shot 4: The Chest Mount Shot

With Insta360 ONE R, you get the best of both worlds. All the impossible shots you’ve seen in this blog, and the traditional motovlog shots in 4K Wide-Angle.

Motovlog camera

This one was done using the Chest Mount you get in the Motorcycle Mounts Bundle.

Best motovlogging camera

Shot 5: The Back Bar Shot

This one is just like a video-game. All you need is the back bar to pull this one-off, just make sure you get permission from the track before taking a lap!

Best Motorcycling Camera Moto GP shot

Here’s what the back bar looks like. It’s our invisible selfie stick mounted to a belt that you strap nice and tight around your waist.

Best motorbike camera

Shot 6: The Unicorn Shot

Last but by no means least, this one is the traditional helmet shot with a 360 twist. Just mount the extension rod on your helmet, then reframe in the app later.

motorcycle mounts gopro

Here’s how we mounted ONE R on a helmet to get the above shot:

best place to mount camera on motorbikes

Shot 7: The 360 Reframe

This one’s great for showing off your skills. Mount on your helmet unicorn style, then reframe in the app. You can add super slow-mo to key frames to emphasize the action. Check it out:

top gopro helmet mounts

These shots are just a glimpse at what you can do with a ONE R. After you’re done riding you can edit in the app, speed up or slow-down your shots, and reframe to any angle you like. The benefit of shooting in every direction is that you never miss the shot. With our Motorcycle Mount Bundle, you’ll have all the mounts you’ll for your motorcycle at a great price point.

Here’s our post on the top 10 MTB shots with a ONE X, it might give you some inspiration for your next ride! Let us know what you think, is Insta360 ONE R the best motorcycle camera?

 To find out more interesting ways 360 cameras are being utilized keep an eye on our blog.


  1. Daniel A Graham 2019/09/06 at 1:05 pm

    I use the Insta360 One X for motovlogging and love it. For me the big advantage is being able to leave the camera in a fixed position mounted to my handlebar and then select the frames I want in post without having to fiddle with anything while riding. The only drawback is the lack of an external microphone jack. With that the One X would be perfect.

  2. Kristin 2019/11/29 at 12:28 pm

    What did you use to mount the tail shot?

  3. DSLR Camera 2020/01/25 at 1:44 pm

    Very interested and informative your post about Best Motorcycle Camera: Insta360 ONE X Takes the Lead. Interested biker try to follow your suggestion.

  4. folden darnell 2020/12/22 at 1:54 pm

    Found this really interesting, thanks for sharing!


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