Best Motorcycle Camera: Insta360 ONE Series For The Win!

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OK, we’ve pushed the brief a little here. But why choose just one camera?! 

The Insta360 ONE Series includes Insta360 ONE X2 and Insta360 ONE RS, two of the best motorcycle cameras out there! ONE RS is super flexible, with interchangeable 360 and wide-angle lenses, while ONE X2 is a powerful, pocket-sized cam, specializing in 360° capture. 

Both cameras can shoot in super high res 5.7K 360°, as well as regular single-lens capture, so versatility is a given. Add to that a whole bunch of awesome motorcycle mounts and you’re on track for some unreal motorcycle videos. Check out the shots below to see why Insta360 ONE Series cameras should be the go-to for your next ride! 

First, a word on reframing and invisible selfie sticks!

Reframing is one of the coolest parts of shooting with a 360 camera. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s basically changing where the camera is facing to show off different angles within your video. It’s super easy to do when editing in the Insta360 app or Insta360 Studio. You’ll see plenty of examples in the shots to come but here’s an idea for starters:

Another thing you’ll notice is a distinct lack of selfie sticks, extension poles, or rods. That’s because Insta360 ONE Series cameras automatically remove them from the shot! Hence the clean, third-person views you’ll see throughout. 

Motorcycle Camera Shot #1: Front Shot

Let’s start with the big guns. For this one, just mount your camera to the front of your bike. This can be done using the extension rods and mount pads in the Motorcycle Mount Bundle. Insta360’s legendary FlowState stabilization technology smooths out the shakes for a super steady shot.

Best 360 Camera For Motorbikes
Mounting the best motorcycle camera to the front of a motorbike

Motorcycle Camera Shot #2: Tail Shot

Using the same gear as the front shot, you can get this MotoGP style shot. And thanks to the easy reframing mentioned previously, you could also use this mount to get shots of the view behind the motorcycle too!

Best motorbike camera tail shot

Here’s how we mounted ONE X2 on the tail. The same can be done with ONE RS.

Best motorbike camera mounted on the tail

Motorcycle Helmet Camera Shot #3: Unicorn Shot

Of course, the helmet is a prime mounting location and a favorite accessory for this is the Unicorn Mount. Perfect for capturing epic first-person views, as well as cool, forward-facing shots. Just mount the extension rod on your helmet, then reframe in the app later.

Cool view from the best motorcycle helmet camera

Here’s how to mount ONE X2 on the helmet to get the above shot:

How to mount the best motorcycle helmet camera

Motorcycle Camera Shot #4: Handlebar Shot

The versatility of Insta360 ONE Series cameras is a big part of what makes them the best camera for motorcycling. Not only can you mount them in unique positions, but you can also capture angles that regular action cams aren’t capable of. 

Here are two different shots achieved by mounting directly to the handlebars, either facing out to the side or straight up.

Best 360 Camera For Motorcycling - handlebar shot
Motorcycle rearview camera mounted on the handlebars

Here’s how we mounted the cameras for these shots. Just reframe in the app afterward to choose your angle.

Motorcycle rearview camera mounted on the handlebars
Best camera for motorcycle

Motorcycle Camera Shot #5: Chest Mount Shot

With ONE Series cameras, you get the best of both worlds. All the impossible 360 shots, plus traditional, single-lens motovlog capture. ONE RS has the edge on this front though, with the option to shoot with the 4K Boost Lens, or even the 5.3K Wide Angle Lens with a 1-inch sensor!

Motovlog camera

This one was done using ONE R in the Chest Mount (included in the Bike Bundle).

Best motovlogging camera

Motorcycle Camera Shot #6: Back Bar Shot

Time for some fun here with the “video game” view. All you need is the back bar to pull this one off. After that, it’s just you, your bike, and the open road!

Best Motorcycling Camera Moto GP shot

Here’s what the back bar looks like. It’s the invisible selfie stick mounted to a belt that you strap nice and tight around your waist.

For best motorcycle videos try the back bar mount

Motorcycle Camera Shot #7: Wheel View

Last but not least, let’s take it down low for the wheel shot. A great angle to include to give an immersive feel to your clip!

360 motorcycle camera capturing the wheel view
How to mount a camera to my motorcycle - the wheel view

Wow… there are more options than we even realized! And these shots are just a glimpse of what YOU can do with a ONE Series camera.

If you need some help choosing between ONE X2 and ONE RS, check out this useful comparison article. Incredible motorcycle shots await! 

But, if you’ve made up your mind already, don’t miss our Motorcycle Sale! For a limited time only, you can get US$45 off the ONE X2 or ONE RS Motorcycle Kit.

 To find out more interesting ways 360 cameras are being utilized keep an eye on our blog.


  1. Daniel A Graham 2019/09/06 at 1:05 pm

    I use the Insta360 One X for motovlogging and love it. For me the big advantage is being able to leave the camera in a fixed position mounted to my handlebar and then select the frames I want in post without having to fiddle with anything while riding. The only drawback is the lack of an external microphone jack. With that the One X would be perfect.

  2. Kristin 2019/11/29 at 12:28 pm

    What did you use to mount the tail shot?

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