Best Car Camera: Top 5 Shots with Insta360 ONE Series

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Looking for the best car camera to shoot killer videos on the road? Look no further than the Insta360 ONE Series, namely the pocket 360 camera Insta360 ONE X2 or the interchangeable lens action cam Insta360 ONE R. With a ton of creative techniques, mounting options and stunning visuals, you’ll be blown away with what you can shoot.

Check out the video below to get a little taste of what these car cameras can do. Shot with Jean Alesi in Niki Lauda’s 1974 Ferrari 312 B3 at Historic Grand Prix of Monaco!

Now let’s dive into the top 5 shots you can get with these car cameras.

Shot 1: The Car Bumper Shot

Mount the Invisible Selfie Stick to your car’s rear bumper to get an epic GTA-like perspective. With a 360 camera like ONE X2 or the ONE R 360 Mod, the stick is edited out automatically when you import the footage into the Insta360 app.

You can even throw in a hyperlapse for a more high-speed effect. Check it out:

You can even dial in your settings to shoot at night. Try playing with your exposure settings depending on lighting and using ND8 Filters.

Shot 2: The Steering Wheel Shot

For this shot, just mount the camera behind the steering wheel. Using a traditional wide angle shot feels up close and personal, as though you’re in the car. Check it out:

action camera for cars

Shot 3: The Car MultiView Shot

With the Car MultiView effect, you can shoot two perspectives at once thanks to the dual-lens design of ONE X2 or the ONE R 360 mod. One in front, and one of the car.

Just shoot your video normally, then select Car MultiView in the app. The app will then edit the footage to show you both directions at once, optimizing the angle for the best shot. Here’s how it looks:

Shot 4: The Fake Drone Shot

Got a passenger? Try letting them hold the Invisible Selfie Stick for some unique perspectives. It’s almost as though a drone is following your car.

360 car camera

Shot 5: The Wing Shot

Get a unique perspective of you driving by mounting your Insta360 by your wing mirror with a suction cup and Invisible Selfie Stick. This is something you’d never be able to do with a standard action cam.

The Best Mode: Loop Recording

Loop recording is a mode on Insta360 ONE R that allows you to record video continuously. Just like a dash cam, previously recorded footage is deleted to allow new footage to be captured. With any of the lens mods, ONE R can loop record like a dash cam with a max video length of 30 minutes. 

Loop recording is perfect for when you’re on the road and you’re not quite sure what will happen. Just mount the camera in advance, wait for something you want to capture to happen and then stop recording once you’ve got the shot. Only the preceding minutes of footage will be saved, freeing up vital space on your memory card.

The Must-Buy Car Camera Gear:

Once you’ve picked up your car camera, you’ll want a few accessories to pull off these shots.

For shots inside the car, try the Dash Cam Mount.

Best Dash Camera

For shots outside the car, try the Suction Cup Mount.

Best camera for cars

To get a bit more wild, try using the Invisible Selfie Stick with a passenger.


To control your shot while you’re on the road, pick up the Roadie Remote for ONE R. This handy remote clips on your steering wheel, giving you access to the common shooting modes like Standard Video, Loop Recording, TimeShift Video, Photo and Car MultiView.

Insta360 roadie remote

Check out this video to see how to use each of these car accessories together:

Bringing It Together…

It’s the combo of killer accessories, unbeatable stabilization, and an easy to use app that allows for creative edits that makes Insta360 ONE Series the best car cameras. Ready to get started? Pick yourself up an Insta360 ONE X2 or ONE R, grab some accessories and hit the road!

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