Best Car Camera: Top 5 Shots with Insta360 ONE Series

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Looking for the best car camera to film your road trips? Insta360 ONE Series has you covered. With a ton of creative techniques, mounting options and stunning visuals, you’ll be blown away with what you can shoot. Let’s dive into the top 5 shots you can try with Insta360 ONE X2 or ONE R.

best dash camera

Shot 1: The Hyperlapse

Mounting ONE X2/R to your car is easy with the right accessories. You can get a GTA-like perspective, throw in a hyperlapse and it looks epic. Check it out:

You can even dial in your settings to shoot at night, try playing with your exposure settings depending on lighting and using ND8 Filters. Throw in some tasteful reframes and it’s as though you’re in Bladerunner:

car 360 cam

Shot 2: The Steering Wheel Shot

This one is great with the ONE R 4K Mod, or Steady Cam mode on ONE X2. Using a traditional wide angle shot feels up close and personal, as though you’re in the car. Check it out:

action camera for cars

Shot 3: The MultiView Shot

Insta360 ONE X2 and ONE R can shoot in MultiView. It uses both lenses to shoot two perspectives at once. One in front, and one of the car. It then puts them together to show you both directions at once. Here’s how it looks:

Dash camera 2021

And of course, if you prefer the camera just facing one direction, you can do that too with Steady Cam mode for ONE X2, or the 4K Wide Angle Mod for ONE R.

camera for car dash

Shot 4: The Fake Drone Shot

Got a passenger? Try letting them use the Invisible Selfie stick for some unique perspectives. It’s almost as though a drone is following your car.

360 car camera

Shot 5: The Wing Shot

Get a unique perspective of you driving by mounting your Insta360 by your wing mirror with a suction cup and invisible selfie stick. This is something you’d never be able to do with a standard action cam.

The Gear:

Once you’ve picked up an Insta360 ONE X2 or ONE R, you’ll want a few accessories to pull off these shots.

For shots inside the car, try the Dash Cam Mount.

Best Dash Camera

For shots outside the car, try the Suction Cup Mount.

Best camera for cars

To get a bit more wild, try using the Invisible Selfie Stick with a passenger.


Bringing It Together…

It’s the combo of killer accessories, unbeatable stabilization, and an easy to use app that allows for creative edits that makes Insta360 ONE Series the best car cameras. Ready to get started? Pick yourself up an Insta360 ONE X2 or ONE R, grab some accessories and hit the road!

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