Top 10 Mountain Bike Shots with Insta360 ONE X

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These top 10 mountain bike shots will blow your mind if you’re accustomed to standard action cams. Insta360 ONE X unlocks a ton of possibilities for filming your run as you’re no longer locked into a forward facing action camera viewpoint. To top it off, your shots are crazy stable thanks to FlowState. Check it out, here are your top 10 mountain bike shots.

Top 10 mountain biking shots with Insta360 ONE X

Shot 1: The Slow-Mo Shot

The first of our top 10 mountain bike shots is the slow-mo shot. With Insta360 ONE X, you can highlight the best parts of your run by slowing the action way down. It makes a bar turn look next level.

Here’s how to shoot slow-mo:

  1. Turn on your ONE X.
  2. Head to Settings, then Video Settings
  3. Under “Standard” toggle between resolutions and frame rates
  4. Choose 4k@50FPS for slow-mo or 3k@100fps for super slow-mo
  5. Shoot
  6. Slow down any part of your video in the app, choose 1/2X or 1/4X and add it to your timeline

Shot 2: The Steady Run

FlowState is ideal for rough terrain. Whether you’re belting it down dirt tracks or doing slopestyle, the footage comes out smooth, no gimbal needed. After trying this out, standard action cam shots will make it look like your stabilizers need some work.

Here’s how to use FlowState:  

  1. Open your video in the ONE X app.
  2. Tap the settings button in the top right
  3. Turn on FlowState.

Shot 3: The FreeCapture Shot

The beauty of 360 is that you don’t have to aim your camera at all. Just frame it later in the app. Try placing the ONE X down on a part of your run, and track yourself later in the app. Or, reframe your mounted shots at any point of your run.

Here’s how to use FreeCapture on the ONE X app:

Open a video, long press any part of the screen to activate FreeCapture. Choose a mode:

  1. Viewfinder: Move your phone to aim and record the angle you want.
  2. PivotPoint: Drop points throughout your video to create smooth cinematic camera movements.
  3. SmartTrack: Track an object and have the object always in the centre of the frame

Shot 4: The Chest Mount Flip

Chest mount shots have always looked great, but with the ONE X, they’re out of this world. They’re smoother, and you can keep the horizon level as you literally flip around your shot. 

Shot 5: The Back Bar Shot

You can get insane video game like shots with the Insta360 ONE X Back Bar. It straps around your waist, with an extension pole to hold the camera. Insta360 software edits out the pole to give the effect of a flying camera. Check it out:

Shot 6: The Helmet Mount Shot

The ONE X can be mounted just like a standard action cam. The difference? Unlimited field of view, reframing and super stable shots. This takes the same old helmet mount shot and opens it up to any angle.

Shot 7: The TimeShift Shot

With the ONE X app, you can control time and perspective. Mix in hyperlapses up to 16x speed, or slow it down to 1/2x speed at key moments. TimeShifts look great on pump tracks.

Shot 8: The Drone-Like Shot

@steezygiese765 took the helmet mount to the next level with this one. Just use the extended helmet mount in the Bike Bundle to get this incredible top-down perspective. It’s like a drone following you.

Shot 9: The Handlebar Shot

Now, this shot isn’t strictly for MTB, but it’s nonetheless applicable to any rider. @sethstevens14 got creative with his Bike Bundle by using the handlebar mount on the edge of his BMX handlebar grips. The result is an incredible side-on perspective. With the Bike Bundle, there are a ton of ways to mount your ONE X.

Shot 10: The Stats Shot 

When you turn on Stats, you can select between a whole bunch of things to overlay on your video. Speed, elevation, gradient or GPS location name a few of the Stats you can overlay. This is great for tracking your run.

If you don’t want to take your phone on the trail, pick yourself up a GPS Smart Remote and you won’t need to use your phone at all. It’ll record all the data to be added later.

Here’s how to turn on Stats:

On the record screen of the ONE X app, go into video settings and turn on Stats. After, while viewing your video, tap the settings button in the top right. You’ll see Stats where you can select which data you wish to overlay.

Top 10 Mountain Bike Shots – The Roundup

That rounds up our top 10 mountain biking shots made possible with an Insta360 ONE X (plus a couple of accessories for the fancy ones). What was your favourite? Join our user group on Facebook to let us know, we’re always keen to hear from our community. If you’re heading for the trails, pick yourself up an Insta360 ONE X to try some of these shots out for yourself.

 To find out more interesting ways 360 cameras are being utilized keep an eye on our blog.

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