New Updates! Nano APP 1.6.0 & Firmware 187

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Many people have seen the star-lapse photography before, and in the latest updates of Nano App 1.6.0 and Firmware 187, the camera can take time-lapse videos. Except that, there are 7 updates and the following contents will show you details of them!

   Time -lapse Videos

After updating Nano App and firmware, connect the camera and turn on time-lapse in the setting-page. Finish setting the shooting time and frame interval, then you can take a time-lapse video.


1. Set parameters, turn on your camera and triple-click the power button. When the light blinks BlueGreenBlueGreen, it means you are taking a time-lapse video. When the green light keeps on, it means time-lapse video finished.

2. The video exports automatically based on your parameters set before and the video will play 30fps.

3. After exporting, you can edit your video by using built-in film editor.

Notice that, camera has to be used independently while taking time-lapse videos (disconnected to iPhone); and it requires a high-speed TF memory card.

HDR Function

Before | After


HDR function is added in the photo mode, which improves the details of the dark and bright performance. HDR is applicable to outdoor landscape, portrait, backlight or overexposed scenes, and it is not applicable to dynamic shooting, sunrise or sunset scenes.

Since HDR function requires a certain time, please try to keep the camera still and avoid any shaking to make images blur. When the camera vibrates once, it means you can move it.

Restore/Delete previous posts


In the 1.6.0 version, account system is added and you can create a new account to login. While connecting Nano to iPhone, you can review the previous posts and restore them to your account.

After binding, you can delete the posts (photos/videos/albums) which have been uploaded before. Once delete successfully, the links shared on social networking platforms will be invalid as well.

Reduce Heat

After updating both Nano App and firmware, heat condition of the camera will obviously be reduced.

Beauty/Filter/Exposure compensation


In photo or review (photo/video) mode, click the right button of shutter, you can easily use beauty function or filter and preview the effect instantly.


In video mode, reset button is added on the right of exposure compensation. Just one-click to restore original exposure setting.


In the photo mode, support icon is newly added in the top right corner. If you have any problems while taking photos or videos, just click it and find the solution.

How-to Update:

Update Nano App in App Store.

Update firmware: Open Nano App, Click Setting -> About -> Camera Version, follow the updating instructions. Firmware update requires 3 minutes for the first time, please wait until blue light turns to green one.

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