Insta360 launches 8K professional 3D VR camera at CES

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The Insta360 Pro 8K camera made its debut at the world-renowned technology conference CES in Vegas this week.


The standalone camera raises the bar for professional VR imaging with 8K resolution, 3D image and video capturing, and immersive live streaming capabilities.

The Insta360 Pro captures up to 8K 360-degree videos and leverages 6 independent, high-definition lenses. It captures 60-megapixel 360-degree 3D stills and supports both HDR and RAW formats, as well as low-light performance unprecedented in a 360-degree camera of this size.

In addition, the VR time-lapse mode adds a new dimension to videos and the live preview function allows users to get the best angle before shooting.

Insta360’s real-time image stitching allows 360-degree video in up to 4K and offers both H.264 and H.265 video compression. Higher definition image files can be easily auto-stitched with Insta360 Studio.


The Insta360 Pro creates professional 3D 360-degree video. Able to capture 3D videos in up to 6K (4K in real-time stitching mode), it presents an exciting, new form for photographers.

As a standalone camera, photographers can use the Insta360 Pro iOS and Android apps and connects via Wi-Fi, ethernet or 4G, to live stream any event or share instantly on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The RRP is set to be around $3,000 and will be available on Amazon and Insta360’s official online store later this year.

The Insta360 Pro was a huge success at CES with many attendees excited about the technology. Until next year!

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