Insta360 Partners with HTC to Streamline VR Capture and Playback

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Insta360 today announced a new partnership with HTC that will make creating and watching VR content easier than ever.

Insta360 EVO, the innovative foldable VR camera, is now seamlessly integrated with HTC’s VIVE Focus and VIVE Focus Plus headsets, allowing for instant wireless playback and real-time VR preview during capture

“The VIVE Focus and Focus Plus are designed to make the most immersive VR experiences accessible to consumers and enterprise users alike. Now, when paired with an Insta360 camera, VIVE users can create, relive and share their best memories like never before,” said Alvin Wang Graylin, HTC China President.

The camera integration is accomplished using the new multi-mode capability of HTC’s headsets. Multi-mode functionality lets users connect their headset to a wide range of third-party devices — from smartphones to gaming consoles — to experience an unlimited variety of both immersive and traditional content on their headset. Insta360 is HTC’s exclusive camera partner for this new broad-based VR ecosystem.

How It Works

Pairing the Insta360 EVO with one of HTC’s standalone headsets is simple. First, users download the new Insta360 VR app from HTC’s VIVEPORT app marketplace.

Once it’s installed on their headset, they can connect directly to the Insta360 EVO’s onboard WiFi.

Then, they can play back any of their favorite 180 3D or 360 photos and videos directly from the EVO’s memory card over a high-speed WiFi connection. There’s no need to transfer, stitch, edit or process the footage in any way — just capture, connect and play. And of course, if users do prefer to transfer footage to their headset for later playback, EVO also does this in a snap.

VIVE users can also connect to the EVO during capture to get a real-time view of exactly what their finished project will look like in a VR headset. It’s the ultimate way for VR creators to ensure that they capture exactly the moment they want.

Insta360 EVO is priced at $419.99 USD and available to order now via, B&H Photo Video and select retailers worldwide.

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