Create a Virtual Tour Online with Insta360 and Kuula

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With Kuula and an Insta360 camera, anyone can create a virtual tour online. Kuula is a web-based virtual tour platform that makes virtual tour creation simple, while Insta360 ONE X makes shooting easier than ever.

create a virtual tour online

With content shot on Insta360 cameras, such as ONE X or Pro 2, you can edit with a vast array of features to create immersive experiences with Kuula. Background audio, interactive cards or floor plans name but a few of the things Kuula makes available in their Pro subscription.

To get you inspired, here are some brilliant virtual tours shot on Insta360 cameras, and edited with Kuula by Barnes Creative Studios:

The Royal Suite, Four Seasons George V Hotel, Paris

Blue Waters Resort, Antigua

Keen to get creating? We’ve teamed up with Kuula to offer 10% off Insta360 ONE X or Pro 2. That’s up to $500 off when you subscribe to Kuula Pro. With the two tools in hand, you can create a virtual tour online with ease. Learn more over at

 To find out more interesting ways our cameras are being utilized, keep an eye on our blog. Keep up with the latest in 360 photos and video by joining Insta360’s user group on Facebook.

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