Best Travel Camera: How To Shoot Cinematic Shots With Insta360 ONE X

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Insta360 ONE X is the best travel camera for getting impossible shots. It’s a tool every videographer needs in their toolbelt and it’s super easy to throw in your backpack for when you’re out and about.

Jason Vong Atola Visuals Insta360 ONE X

Why Insta360 ONE X is the best travel camera

Jason Vong and Kitty from Atola Visuals took a trip to Chicago to show off how creative you can get with an Insta360 ONE X. We’re going to break down each of those creative shots to show you why Insta360 ONE X is the best travel camera. Missed the full video? Check it out here and pick up the Insta360 ONE X Creator Kit to get shots like they did!

The Orbital Shot

best travel cam

Kitty got this one by walking around the bean. No need to aim a ONE X as you can do it all in post using our app.

top camera for holidays

Just make sure you keep your path an even circle for best results! Once you’re in the ONE X app, drop pivot points or use the viewfinder to keep your subject centre frame. Once you’re done reframing, add speed ramping as you see fit. 8x speed looks great!

The Dolly Zoom

When out travelling, landmarks are always a good choice to show off with an epic shot. Dolly zooms are a great way to do that, but they used to take a lot of gear and expertise. Now, with ONE X, it’s easy!

Best travel camera

Jason and Kitty got this shot by aiming directly at Victoria Fountain and then running right at it. Don’t worry, ONE X has built-in stabilization to keep the shot butter smooth. Once you’re in the ONE X app, take your footage and use the viewfinder to adjust the FOV by sliding the record button as you approach your target. Dolly zooms have never been so easy.

The Nightlapse

Timelapses at night always look great, especially at lit up locations. Kitty took her ONE X to Chicago Theatre to capture the flow of time with this one. Set up and shoot for a while. Throw in a tasteful pan in the app and the result is incredible.

top travelling camera

The Fake Drone Shot

When you’re out shooting, you’ll find loads of perfect filming spots have drone restrictions. Especially if you’re in inner-city locations. With a ONE X, you can just use the extended selfie stick to fake it. Thanks to FlowState Stabilization,  your shot will come out really smooth.

best travel camera

For the fake drone effect, Kitty mounted her ONE X on the extended selfie stick and slowly lowered it over the top of a train station. That’d be totally off-limits with a drone.

top travel cam

The Jib Shot

Another killer shot with the extended selfie stick is the Jib Shot. It looks especially cool over the edge of a boat.

best travel camera

For this shot, Kitty just mounted her ONE X and pulled it up from near the water. The panning was all done in the app. Throw in some speed adjustments for a tasteful touch.

best travelling camera

Ready To Share

Different social media platforms need videos of different sizes. That’s why when you share your phone’s vertical video on YouTube; everyone goes crazy in the comments. With a ONE X, it shoots it all, and then you choose your size before sharing. Simple. Instagram stories? Try 9:16, YouTube? Go for 16:9. ONE X makes it as easy as the tap of a button.

best camera for traveling

These shots are just a glimpse of what you can do with an Insta360 ONE X. Check out what Brandon Li’s Top 5 Cinematic Shots to learn a few more creative tips. Don’t forget to pick up the Creator Kit to get started!

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