Best Skiing Camera: Insta360 ONE X Is at the Apex

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Insta360 ONE X is the best skiing camera. You can get shots you can’t get with any other camera, edit with ease and share your best lines in a few taps.

Best skiing camera

Whether you’re hitting the slopes by board or skis, we’re going to show you some of the best shots you can get with an Insta360 ONE X.

No, it’s not flying, it’s the Invisible Selfie Stick.

Insta360 ONE X’s selfie stick is totally invisible in your shot. That guy in the red? He’s holding the camera. It makes it look like there’s a drone following you. Check it out:

best skiing camera insta360 one x

Reframe your run.

Insta360 ONE X shoots in every direction so you don’t have to worry about aiming your camera. You can use the app to edit on your phone and choose the direction you want after the fact. Focus on your line and edit later, just like this guy:

best snowboarding camera

No really, it’s not flying, it’s the Extended Selfie Stick.

Don’t have a drone? No problem. If you’re feeling up to some really wild shots, pick up the Extended Selfie Stick. It’s a ton of fun. Just be careful, it’s 3 meters long.

the best camera for snow

Find your flow, TimeShift your line.

Once you’ve mastered reframing, try throwing in a bit of a TimeShift. You can speed your footage way up to 16x, add motion blur, then slow it way down at key moments. Here’s how it looks when following a mate down the slopes:

snowsports camera

Not keen on hyperlapses? No worries, you can just slow-mo it if thats your thing.

Skiing action camera

SmartTrack your grind.

SmartTrack lets you focus on a subject, let’s say you, grinding a rail. You can pop ONE X on the floor with a tripod, or spear it in the snow, then let the software do what it does best and track your movement. Check it out:

best action camera for snow

The best skiing camera out there.

That’s just a glimpse of what you can do with an Insta360 ONE X. It’s just about snow season, and it’s the best time to buy. Pick up a ONE X before November 24th and we’ll throw in a bunch of free accessories. Learn more here.

Here are a few shots from Snowboarder Magazine to get you inspired:

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  1. Connor January 30, 2020 at 10:30 am

    Do I need the waterproof housing while I’m in the snow?


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